The question of whether rates will increase is one that we hear quite often. Unfortunately, the nature of the economy is such that we can expect to see increases from time to time. Many experts are saying that given the current market employers may expect to see a deterioration in combined ratios on the part of insurers and higher costs for the coverage itself. Already many purchasers are seeing an increase in their costs, but many insurers are still working hard to hold on to those accounts that they view as favored.

Another question we hear employers asking is whether the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has any effect on an employee's workers compensation coverage. This is an issue that has many different facets to it each of which must be carefully examined before answering with a solid yes or no. The first thing to determine however is whether you, the business owner, understand what the FMLA is all about. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that was passed in order to provide employees a way to take time from work in order to attend to urgent familial or health related issues. 

If it weren't such a serious issue we would have to chuckle a bit when we hear business owners ask if they can save money on workers compensation insurance coverage. You may already be wondering why in the world we might find WC issues funny. In truth we don't. What does bring a smile is the number of times we have heard the question. The big thing to ask yourself if you ARE that business owner looking to save money is how would you save money on your auto insurance? The short answer is by taking appropriate preventative measures!

When we sit down with our business clients to discuss workers compensation coverage here at The Hoffman Agency, we like to take a close look at exactly what it is you feel workers comp is all about. Do you understand how it helps you AND your business? Do you understand how it benefits your employees both on a personal and professional level? There are times when we find clients who do not understand the issue and are somewhat lost as to whether their business really needs workers compensation insurance coverage or not.

Read Part One Here Doctors and specialists also typically tend to prefer a standard health care insurance provider over workers compensation cases. This is due heavily to the need for high levels of justification for treatments, multiple reports and other forms of paperwork, as well as the potential for having to supply testimony as to the treatments performed before they may be reimbursed for services rendered. In fact, these tend to be the most common

No matter which side of the debate you fall on, the truth is that there will be a great deal of changes that will come about thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Not only will this act change the number of individuals with active health insurance policies it will change the face of the way health care is delivered throughout the U.S. Besides increasing the number of insured, it will also begin to help get a handle on overall costs of medical services. As far as workers’ compensation is concerned,