No matter how you look at it, things are tight as far as home budgets are concerned. You need to save money when and where possible. The thing to remember though is that when it comes to auto insurance though there are definitely times when saving a bit of money can come back to bite you. Listed below are four instances in which an inferior insurance policy can be a severe hindrance or can even lead to financial ruin.

As the old year ends and the New Year begins we at the Hoffman Insurance Agency would like to thank you for all of your patronage in the last year. Whether you are a long time customer or have just joined our family we are so very grateful for you and feel very privileged to have helped you meet your insurance needs this last year. We also look forward to serving you in all your insurance needs in the year of 2014.

When you are a small business owner every piece of equipment, every worker, every piece of property and every piece of product matters. When work stoppages happen you lose productivity and lost productivity equals loss of money. This can be devastating to any type of small business whether you are in services or manufacturing. How can you keep this from happening to you? There are several ways to protect yourself and several ways in which you can help stop or reduce the impact that these types of incidents can have.

Ever since the first mention of the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, there have been many road bumps so to speak. Regardless, Obamacare has pressed on as the year of 2013 comes to an end and 2014 is on the horizon.  Staying informed so that you can remain ahead of the curve is very important. This being said, there are some very important dates that you need to be aware of as the year progresses. The first of these is

There’s some piece of advice among financial experts that should be well taken to heart: do not over-insure, and insure only based on your needs. If you’re still young, for example, you’re better off taking out a term life insurance policy and investing the rest of your savings in high-yielding financial instruments like the stock market. This brings most of us to the single most important point:

When it comes to your home, you will likely not make a more expensive or important investment. Caring for your home properly throughout the year can help you to protect your home from some of the wear and tear it might otherwise undergo. Your home will continue to be a place of safety and will help keep your family and friends well for many years to come.