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The question of whether rates will increase is one that we hear quite often. Unfortunately, the nature of the economy is such that we can expect to see increases from time to time. Many experts are saying that given the current market employers may expect to see a deterioration in combined ratios on the part of insurers and higher costs for the coverage itself. Already many purchasers are seeing an increase in their costs, but many insurers are still working hard to hold on to those accounts that they view as favored.

When you set out to purchase an insurance policy, do you go in expecting it to be something that you will need to use at some time? Most people would say no; however, it is important to look at this sort of purchase as one that could very well be needed in the future. By treating it as something you will have to rely on, you will better understand why choosing the correct amount and type is so important. How Much Coverage Is Enough?

Most people assume that using an insurance broker doesn't benefit them and they are better off buying direct. This is not the case when using an insurance broker – you can save money AND get the insurance that you want for your company or group. Some people feel that an insurance broker is a middle man and that by cutting the middle man out they will reap the savings. When it comes to meeting your insurance needs you will find this to be far from the truth.