Insuring your home is very important and very necessary to insure the security of your family for years to come. We know it can seem like an overwhelming, costly, and time consuming process, but we are here to help. We know your resources are not endless, so we want you to save as much of it as possible. Here’s a list of ways that you and your family can save on homeowner’s insurance costs. We think you will be surprised how easy it will be.

The one of the first and best things you can do to lower your insurance costs is something that is good for your health as well: do not smoke. Smokers whether they smoke in the home or outside the home are looked at as increased risk customers. This is because the risk that a burning cigarette can set fire to a room or even the whole house. If you need help quitting there are a lot of good resources out there to help. Here is a great website to help get you started:

The condition of your home has a big impact on your costs. If you have an issue such as a leaky pipe or roof, it is best to take care of these things as soon as possible. This way further damage is not done when the problems and issues become worse, and they will.

Security and safety are also issues. You will want to make sure that you have all the proper alarms are installed and in working order. Although there are many types of alarms and sensors you can choose from but the basics are necessary. This means smoke detectors need to be placed in each area of the home and the batteries need to be tested every month to prevent a dead battery. Even if your batteries are good it is advised that you change your batteries twice a year at the beginning and the end of daylight savings time. Other detectors such as carbon monoxide monitors are a good idea as well. Having a smoke and or carbon monoxide that automatically notify local authorities is a good way to help reduce your insurance premiums.

Security systems and good door and window locks are also a must for reasonable cost savings when it comes to your home. A system that connects all your doors and windows to a central circuit can be a great addition to your home. When an alarm is triggered you systems alerts your monitoring company and the calls you and the authorities to manage the response. This can cut down on damage and theft by letting criminals know immediately that they are in trouble. Good locks on your doors with dead bolts included as well are a must for any home and can save you money. Window locks are great as well.

Here at The Hoffman Insurance Agency we are always looking for ways to save you money on your insurance costs. There might also be bundles and discounts that we can find for you.