With February being American Heart Month, it’s is a great chance to get your heart health on track. Why should we be concerned with heart health when we’re an insurance agency? Well the answer is quite simple, the healthier you are, the happier you are. We would love having you as a client for a long time to come. To do that you need your heart as healthy as possible.

In addition to this we have to look at what the heart really does for us. It is the muscle that pumps blood throughout our body. The blood pumped by our hearts carries oxygen that helps nourish your muscles, organs, brain and even your bones. However, it is also a means to nourish your body in other ways as well. One of these ways is delivering your body’s energy source: carbohydrates.  That’s right, our body and brain run on carbohydrates, which are a simple form of energy but very effective.

When considering heart health you need to remember to stay active. Your heart is a muscle and needs to have regular exercise to keep it in shape. In much the same manner as a person’s traps, lats and other such muscles, your heart also needs to be stretched and worked to strengthen it. How do we exercise our heart you ask? Well, you do this by working the other muscles in your body. As you move and expend energy and oxygen you heart must work harder to pump the blood that you need to all your vital organs, muscles and brains.

One of the simplest methods for keeping your heart healthy is to keep moving, whether it is through running, jogging, or even walking. Even if you have an illness or physical issue, move whenever you can. Of course your everyday movements help but add in some extra. Use the objects around you to do as much weight bearing exercise as you can. This will help strengthen your heart as well as your bones and other muscles.

Another way you can help your heart is to boost the nutrition of your diet. Lower your intake of sodium and fats to help reduce the changes of bad cholesterol and water balances that can clog arteries and veins and also raise blood pressure so that your heart has to work harder than needed. Fiber is a good thing to add too. It helps your digestive health and thus makes absorbing those needed nutrients easier as well.

Iron is also an essential nutrient for heart and blood health so dark greens and lean meats and other proteins are a must. The iron carries oxygen through your body via your red blood cells. In order to metabolize iron we have to have vitamin C so fresh citrus fruits are great too.

Here at the Hoffman agency, we work hard to find the best insurances for you and your family. Knowing that we are working towards a goal together is important and nothing is quite as important as your health and the health of your family. We also want to see all of work together to live long and healthy lives.