Why one should choose general liability insurance for business is a good question. There are several reasons why it should be part of your operating expense when owning a business. This type of insurance protects your business assets if it is sued for causing property or personal damage. Nobody wants to face lawsuits when they are trying to keep their company up and running. General liability insurance can be carried as

Workers compensation insurance is required here in NC and SC when businesses have employees. It is not only beneficial for employees but employers as well because it protects both the business as well an employees. Nobody wants to lose their business due to an employee related injury and possibility of a law suit. Understanding what you need and what the laws are in your state can be difficult but there is help available.

If you are a small business owner you may be asking the question do I need commercial auto insurance for my business. This truly depends on the type of business that you have and if you ever use a vehicle for business purposes. Most small businesses feel that they don’t need commercial auto insurance if they are using their personal vehicle occasionally for the purpose of business.  Did you know that most personal auto insurance coverage does not cover a vehicle that is being used for commercial purposes? This is an insurance issue that can get very sticky if not properly understood.

Changes in health care law will continue with the reelection of President Obama. We have all heard the good and the bad on ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act). No matter what side you fall on suffice to say that changes are coming. So, what does this really mean for the people? Simply put, it can potentially mean more confusion than ever on health insurance requirements. If you are like most people and have many other types of insurance such as car, home, and life added to the mix you may feel like your head is going to explode.

No matter how you break it down, there are many parts of insurance coverage that can read just as easily as ancient Greek.  Unfortunately, there are many sources that promise to take the mysticism out of purchasing insurance policies. Car insurance policies are no exception. The amount of misinformation that is available can be simply outstanding. Let’s try to take away some of those misconceptions though so you can better understand what really goes into deciding your auto insurance rates.

One thing that I hear constantly from potential clients or even existing clients is that there are no funds to help cover the costs associated with necessary insurance coverage. Whether it is car, home, life, business or other such a policy these individuals are making the decision to skimp on coverage. The trouble comes in however when something happens. Whether their house or auto suffers uncovered damage or they face a health scare that may not be covered, it will quickly become apparent that a quality insurance policy is well worth the costs associated with it.