What is an Auto Insurance Premium?

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What is an Auto Insurance Premium?

It is interesting to note that when looking for auto insurance you will find many providers who will automatically assume that you understand the language that they use when discussing policies. The truth is however that many first time insurance purchasers may not know what is being pushed their way. One of the most common terms is the Premium. Providers may mention a plan’s premium but never let you know just what they are talking about.

No matter if you are looking at life, home, or auto insurance, you will see mention of a plan’s premium. The simplest explanation of a premium is to look at it as a fee that you pay in order to have insurance coverage over a certain period of time. Auto insurance premiums can be broken down a number of ways depending on the payment schedule you choose. Some insurance providers will offer you the choice of paying your premium on a monthly, semiannual, or even annual schedule. Typically however the cost will reflect the frequency of payment.

Monthly payments tend to have a higher cost associated with the premium, and annual premiums tend to be lower in cost than either monthly or semiannual payments. When it comes to finding affordable premiums, you will find that there are several options that can help. Once such was is to look at increasing your deductible – the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket any time you submit an insurance claim.

Imagine that you get into an accident – a $1000 deductible would mean you would pay that amount toward repairing your vehicle, and the rest would be covered by your chosen insurance provider. Simply choose a lower deductible if you wish to pay less out of pocket. Just keep in mind that the higher your deductible the lower your premium tends to be. Remember that choosing higher deductibles can be viewed as a form of gambling. Will you be in a position to pay more money out of pocket in the event of an accident?

Both your acceptable premium and deductible payments should be taken into consideration when choosing auto insurance. An excellent insurance provider will always take time to help inform you before suggesting any sort of policy. Once you know what you are looking at you will be in a much better position to make a judgment call.

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