Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in NC or SC

Obtaining Workers Compensation in NC or SC!


When running your business in North and/or South Carolina, workers compensation insurance can protect you and your employees against issues involving illness or injury at the workplace.  A workers compensation plan can provide your employees with medical expense coverage’s, lost income/wages, rehabilitation costs, death benefits..etc.  You will need to work with a licensed insurance agent and also need to know what is required by law based upon your business entity ( i.e. sole prop, llc, inc etc).   As an insurance product, Workers Compensation in NC or SC is purchased as a standalone policy.  The availability of obtaining this insurance is through:

  • Open/Conventional

    Contacting a licensed insurance agent.

  • Assigned Risk Pool (NC)

    NC RATE BUREAU – our agency can help you with this process.

  • Self insure

    Through the states’ Department of Insurance.

  • Self insured funds

    Through the Dept of Insurance.

Rates are based upon class code (industry type) on a percentage basis.  This is applied to per one hundred dollars of payroll.  Other factors affecting rates include experience modification (years paying WC) and claim loss history.


Penalties – refer to NC/SC Workers Compensation Act.


At the Hoffman Insurance Agency we will explore all insurance markets and provide the best consultation to ensure you have the best program in place.